NOT THE ORDINARY is a creative full service brand experience agency dedicated to the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industries. Founded to turn brands into extraordinary experiences and communicate meaningful brand stories. The value we bring to our clients all comes down to a strong combination of strategic thinking, creative concepting and high-quality execution. 


NOT THE ORDINARY is committed to produce future-proof, aspirational work that cements our client’s influence and presence in an ever-changing, content-saturated consumer landscape. We firmly believe that brands have the power to enrich society and connect us. Each brand is unique and deserves a unique approach.


NOT THE ORDINARY is the brainchild of Melody Malekzadeh and Laura Machtelinckx. A creative agency with a proven track record in building brands. Our agile team thrives on close collaboration, adapts and scales to meet project needs and welcomes all manner of enquiries. Clients include: Harper’s Bazaar, Skins Cosmetics, Wajer Yachts, CLUSE, Fashionology, BORN ROSÉ Barcelona, Amber Abare, Vichy Laboratoires, Aveda, Comme Deux.



Brand Strategy

PR & Storytelling

Physical, Digital & Hybrid Events

Experiential Trips

Art Direction

Custom-made Decors

Photography & Video Productions

Brand Campaigns

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